Ritter also names 30-member transportation panel

as well as technical advisory committee


Gov. Bill Ritter today announced the full agenda for his upcoming “Bridges to the 21st Century” Statewide Transportation Summit on April 5, including presentations by U.S. Department of Transportation Assistant Secretary Tyler Duvall, Dr. Marty Wachs of the Rand Corp. and many other transportation experts.


Registration for the summit is now underway. The summit is open to the public but pre-registration is required. Participants can register online by going to http://www.wtscolorado.org/  or mailing a $40 check to the Colorado Department of Transportation, Terry Huddleston, Transportation Summit, 
4201 E. Arkansas Ave., Denver, CO  80222

. Registration also will be accepted at the door from 8 to 9 a.m. April 5. The summit is being held at the ColoradoConvention Center, Korbel Ballroom, 

700 14th St



CDOT Executive Director Russell George will deliver opening remarks at 9 a.m., followed by Gov. Ritter, who will deliver the charge and mission to the new Colorado Transportation Finance and Implementation Panel.


Colorado‘s transportation system is at a crucial crossroads,” Ritter said. “Our primary sources of federal and state transportation revenues are not keeping pace with rising maintenance and construction costs. Demand and population also are on the rise.


“We must explore new ways to prioritize our transportation needs and secure sustainable funding sources for a 21st Century transportation system,” the governor added. “Our quality of life, our economy and our future require a multi-modal transportation network that allows us to safely and efficiently move people, goods and services. This panel will set us on the road to overcoming our challenges, and the first step will be the ‘Bridges to the 21st Century’ summit.”


In addition to presentations by Duvall and Wachs, the summit will outline transportation needs and funding challenges at the state, county and municipal levels. The agenda includes five breakout sessions:


·        What are the options? CDOT Study on Revenue Options.

·        Measuring the Pulse. Electronic voting exercise.

·        Is Today as Good as it Gets? Presentation on current levels of service and outlook over the next 10 years.

·        Brainstorming a Transportation Vision for Colorado.  Presentation by the authors of the “Transportation Principles.”

·        Transportation, Livable Communities and the New Energy Economy. 


Gov. Ritter today also signed an Executive Order formally establishing the Colorado Transportation Finance and Implementation Panel.


“The panel will enable us to determine project priorities and identify strategies to fund those projects,” the Executive Order states. “The panel will evaluate current spending practices; assess the transportation fiscal structure, funding and priority-setting processes; and propose new funding mechanisms and priorities for existing and future projects.”


In addition to the April 5 statewide summit, the panel will hold regional meetings around the state over the spring and summer. It will submit a final report recommending project priorities and funding strategies in November.


Ritter last month named the three co-chairs of the panel. Today, he named the remaining members as well as a technical advisory committee:


Panel Co-Chairs

Doug Aden, Colorado Transportation Commission Chairman

Cary Kennedy, Colorado State Treasurer

Bob Tointon, President, Phelps-Tointon, Inc.

Panel Members

Ray Baker

Charles Bedford

Joe Blake

Mike Cheroutes

Ken Conyers

Cas Garcia

Bill Elfenbein (RTD Board Member)

James Hume

Mick Ireland

Leslie Jones

Joe Kiley

Carl Maxey

Mark Mehalko

Tony Milo

Dale Mingilton

Kevin O’Malley

Michael Penny

Joe Rice (State Representative)

Cathy Shull

Paul Smith

Vivian Stovall

Dan Stuart

Ed Tauer (Mayor of Aurora)

Will Toor

Stephanie Takis (State Senator)

Glenn Vaad (State Representative)

Melanie Worley


Technical Advisors

Debra Baskett

Dan Blankenship

Dr. Ray Chamberlain

Tom Fischer

Carol Hedges

Mike Johnson

Mark Larson

Cal Marsella

Bill Moore

Rachel Nance

Joe O’Dea

Flo Raitano

Henry Sobanet

Bill Vidal

Tamra Ward

Dee Weiser

Wayne Williams