Choose Outdoors, a Colorado-based national nonprofit coalition of outdoor recreation interests, honored Lt. Gov. Barbara O’Brien for her work this year in reconnecting kids to the outdoors. Just this month, Lt. Gov. O’Brien is finishing up a statewide tour of 11 forums that highlighted efforts that encourage children to spend time outside. Lt. Gov. O’Brien was honored yesterday at a Colorado Kids Outdoors Forum in Silverthorne.


“Getting Colorado‘s kids outdoors is important for their entire well-being, including their: health, balance, behavior, understanding their world, and their ability to learn,” said Lt. Gov. O’Brien. “Colorado‘s love of the outdoors and nature is a tradition that we need to pass on to our children and grandchildren or we will lose an entire generation of stewards.”


Choose Outdoors recognized Lt. Gov. O’Brien for her “efforts connecting Americans to the land through outdoor recreation and for instilling the appreciation of natural environments to future generations.”


“Now more than ever, we need a focused and coordinated effort to increase the awareness and support for getting young people off the couch and involved in healthy outdoor activities,”  said Choose Outdoors President Bruce Ward. “We are proud to honor Lt. Gov. O’Brien for her leadership in developing the statewide forums that serve as the perfect catalyst for the development of an effective strategy.”


Lt. Gov. O’Brien will conduct her final Colorado Kids Outdoors Forum in Golden on September 23 at the Colorado Mountain Club. Her office will issue a report on the tour and an action plan for next steps in late October. As part of the tour, Lt. Gov. O’Brien also requested suggestions from kids across the state on what should be included in the Colorado Kids Outdoor Bill of Rights.  Their final responses are posted on her website at