$5.8 million in grants announced for crime victims programs in Colorado

A projected 54,000 Coloradans who will be victims of violent crime and
abuse during 2008 will be assisted by programs set to receive $5.8
in federal crime victim compensation and assistance funds awarded by the
Colorado Division of Criminal Justice, DCJ Director Jeanne Smith

A total of 138 victim assistance projects in non profit organizations,
enforcement agencies, district attorneys’ offices and probation
share in the federal grant funds. In addition to the $5,810,075
awarded by
the Division of Criminal justice, another $10 million is collected
throughout the state by local courts in Colorado for victims programs
deposited into a fund that is administered by each judicial district for
local victims service programs. All of the victim service funding comes
from assessments made by courts against defendants who plead or are
guilty. None of the funding comes from tax revenue.

Victims of child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, drunk
homicide, assault, robbery and elder abuse are eligible for programs
through the DCJ program.

Awards are determined through a competitive process that takes into
money collected by local courts. Funding in support of programs in
some of
Colorado’s less-populated areas reflects the fact that local collections
may not provide basic services that are needed by crime victims.

A governor-appointed board determines which projects are recommended for
funding, and Governor Bill Ritter, Jr., approves the recommendations
of the
Governor’s Victims’ Compensation and Assistance Coordinating Committee.

Here is a breakdown, by the state’s judicial district number, of award

First Judicial District: $359,581
Second: $1,005,280
Third: $106,642
Fourth: $267,722
Fifth: $152,392
Sixth: $152,626
Seventh: $243,204
Eighth: $334,919
Ninth: $204,101
Tenth: $215,080
Eleventh: $182,108
Twelfth: $200,146
Thirteenth: $321,770
Fourteenth: $104,463
Fifteenth: $66.393
Sixteenth: $142,553
Seventeenth: $177,136
Eighteenth: $282,501
Nineteenth: $201,782
Twentieth: $268,810
Twenty-first: $151,274
Twenty-second: $217,093

Statewide organizations: $452,499

Awards correspond to the calendar year beginning January 1, 2008.